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Twilight stood looking over the valley, staring at the peaceful house down below in the fields. The calm river ran under the ancient stone bridge. The sun was setting, casting a shadow over the land, and the sky turned to grey. Twilight sighed, and levitated the detonator in front of her. The cold, grey feeling was creeping over her, and as it passed over her cut which would not heal, it began to seep blood again.
Twilight lowered her head as tears began to drip from her moist eyes. She whispered, "I'm so sorry." She pushed the detonator, and the peaceful valley shook, shook as the house was sky-high, shook as the fields were set ablaze, shook as the thousand year old bridge fell into the river. She sobbed quietly as the fires rose, and the smoke carried off into the blackening skies.
She turned away, aware the princess would draw near, and ran. She left the scene with high remorse, and the grey had over taken her once more. She disappeared into the night, the screams of fear and pain echoing after her, as the fires of her doing spread across the once peaceful valley. The sun fully disappeared behind the snow capped mountains, and another night had begun for Twilight Sparkle.
When something terrible begins influencing Twilight Sparkle, her friends and the princess must set out to capture her, and turn her back from the chaotic influence that has overtaken her.
Note: Only a preview into the story.
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November 14, 2012
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