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Ultimatum :iconshadowpheon:Shadowpheon 0 0
The life within
Waking up, jumping up, running to the end.
It's time to get back to it, no pretend.
Spending my entire life fighting hard,
Working with this fate I cannot discard.
The world's filled with death and decay.
And it surrounds my vision every day.
But this time the light shall shine.
And I'll do everything I can to make it mine!
Everything that's made the past, come's rushing back upon me.
Shadows of the dark deeds, the hate, all shroud so I can't see.
Darkness filling in all the gaps and all my lies.
Killing me inside and sending me from the sky.
Something keeps on pulling me further on.
Taking me from what I want, what I need, until it's gone.
I'll keep on fighting what I can to make it right.
But heavens know that I'll need so much might.
I'm breaking down, falling on my knees.
Unable to keep it up, drowning in the seas.
The seas of my hate, lies, and deception.
Taking away all my chances of redemption.
Waking up, jumping up, running to the end.
It's time to get back to it, no pretend.
:iconshadowpheon:Shadowpheon 0 0
Scene Recration :iconshadowpheon:Shadowpheon 1 0 Scene :iconshadowpheon:Shadowpheon 0 0 Shark Team Six :iconshadowpheon:Shadowpheon 0 0 Self portrait WIP 3 :iconshadowpheon:Shadowpheon 1 0 Self Portriat WIP 2 :iconshadowpheon:Shadowpheon 0 0 Self Portrait WIP :iconshadowpheon:Shadowpheon 0 0 The final piece :iconshadowpheon:Shadowpheon 1 0 Mohegan :iconshadowpheon:Shadowpheon 2 0 I swear I found her like that officer... :iconshadowpheon:Shadowpheon 1 2
"80 Knots."
"Distance to target?"
"20 miles."
"Are you ready?"
"No Ma'am, but it's not like we have another choice"
"Correct Sergeant, and never forget that."
"Roger Ma'am."
"10 miles."
"Open bay doors."
Click, tap, grind.
"Doors open."
"On my mark."
"Waiting for your mark."
"Copy mark. Bomb away."
"Good work Sergeant. We just killed millions."
"Fat Boy killed them Ma'am. Not us."
"We were His grand chariot, Sergeant."
"That we were Ma'am."
"Doors closed."
"Take us home Sergeant."
"Yes Ma'am."
:iconshadowpheon:Shadowpheon 0 0
What is this feeling, hiding deep inside?
What is it doing, turning loose my dark side?
I can feel my control, slowly slipping away.
And the light fades, for no longer day.
Once good and clean, something inside grew.
It tried and fought hard, hoping to break through.
But my mind was strong, and kept it at bay.
But no longer strong, on this faithful day.
I am changing rapidly, turning a new page.
Letting loose my anger, my hate, my rage.
No apologies for the ones caught in between.
For your demise was imminent, it should have been seen.
Taking the first new step, down in the darkness.
Smiling from within as I traverse it mindless.
Here goes my new self, loose upon this world.
The beast has become uncaged, its wings unfurled.
These are the last words, last sounds, last breaths.
Cause now its out to make its art, the art of death.
Hide not from the fate, embrace it open armed.
Cause those alike this, shall not be harmed.
:iconshadowpheon:Shadowpheon 1 0
Bound Sharks band.
Kira Ski is a 26 year old veteran member of Shark Team Six. She is a sky blue shark, with yellow eyes. She was a fine Shark until one mission where her team suffered a terrible defeat. Five members of the 15 member team were killed. Eight of them were captured as Prisoners of War. Kira managed to escape with two others, while the rest were executed. She then met with the other two members of the team, and the five retired. Kira went back stateside to become a vocalist. She gathered the remaining members and brought them together, forming a punk rock band named, Bound Sharks. She adopted the name P.O.W.SKI in reference to her imprisonment, and her name. She has many notable scars from the war, such as her dorsal fin, and her pelvic fins. Her right arm is riddled with burn scars and several knife wounds. She tattooed herself in remembrance to many things. A brown strap on her muzzle, one on each wrist and just above her boots, and two on her tail mark as the straps used to bind
:iconshadowpheon:Shadowpheon 0 0
Mature content
Teaser to new writing :iconshadowpheon:Shadowpheon 0 0
Tattoo Designs :iconshadowpheon:Shadowpheon 1 6


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I made the mistake of buying a PS3 code a while back. The code will add $50 to an account, and I don't have any use for it. With my new X-Box One coming in soon, I'd really like to get some of my money back, and am willing to sell the code through a paypal transaction. PM if interested. First come, first serve. This journal will be removed when the item has been paid for and sold.


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